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hot out there

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on July 1, 2011

July 4th weekend so I got off work a little early, walked the dog and gonna hit the gym for a bit.

start mid shin
end bottom shin

24K swings 10:00
start bottom shin
reps 10/ 10 35 sec, rest 20 sec (55 per set) X 9, 10/10 35 sec rest 15 sec, 10/10 35 sec total 10/10 X 11 (had to double check my math but it checks out)
end bottom shin

24K rows 10:00
start bottom shin
reps 10/10 X 4, failure setting in at 4 minutes
end top of ankles

total pull ups 2 (rows brought and end to these)

called it after the rows despite not getting to cossacks as muscle failure was beginning.

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It’s been longer than I would have liked

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on July 1, 2011

It’s been longer since my last workout than I would have liked. Wednesday PM I chose not to do anything. Thursday AM I was looking to hit it hard but I couldn’t sleep for a couple hours the night before so I chose to take the extra Z’s. Thursday PM I had a work function that I wanted to put in an appearance at. So here I am, Friday morning, no making up for lost time but time to get back at it.
On a side not, google music is a great solution for my MP3 library. The upload process of all my music is slow but I no longer need to drag CDs down here, I can listen to my library from any computer.

Start mid shin
End mid shin

Thrusters (barbell) 95lbs 10:00
start bottom shin
reps 5 X 7
end bottom shin
I did a quick search on thrusters and found that the last time I did them I did 135lbs for 8 reps, before that is was two 30lb dumbbells for 25. 35 reps with 95 lbs is a whole lot more than either. Progress

Sitouts 10:00
Start bottom shin
reps 5/5 X 12 (these felt a little easy so I checked, last time I did 1/10, I’ll have to remember to stick to 10/10)
end bottom shin

pullups total (done as single sprinkled throughout) 5

I aspired to more during this workout but the clock kept me from getting too far into it. It’s probably for the best. I suspect this program to be very deceptive. The weights are light but the exercises are effective. It’ll be easy to overdo it and not feel the effects until hours later.

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