Anvil or Hammer

Wednesday AM

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on June 29, 2011

Monday evening – 60 minutes of tennis
Tuesday am – sleep
Tuesday pm – 90 minutes of racquetball

This morning I’ve got two new workouts. I’ll start with the first of two.

Start mid shin
End bottom of shin

Saving thrusters because I need to breakdown my barbell from doing deadlifts and I’d rather do that when it’s not 6 am

Start top of ankle (feels like a really good movement)
reps 10/10 X 6 (did some research and I was logging these as 70-80 in the past. I’m guessing that was something like 5/5 X 7 or 8)
end top of ankle

Swings 24K 10:00
Start top of ankle
reps 10/10 X 10 (started one set each minutes, sets took about35 seconds which means 25 seconds of rest on each set)
end top of ankle (did wait a bit and get my wind back and tested mid ankle)

pull up singles (between sets)

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