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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on June 13, 2011

Missed the workout this am, let myself get sidetracked on the computer, easy to do and bad habit. Laura and I planned to play tennis this eve so I came home expecting to not have time for workout. As it turns out, Laura left me some time to train, then dinner, then tennis. This is gonna be great.
Going for DL, Press, Snatch

Start bottom shin
End bottom ankle

DL 275 10:00
Start top of top of foot
reps 36 – lower than preferred. Started at sets of 2, hoping to keep pace up but slowed down anyway, need to do longer sets to hit 50
end middle of yop of foot

Press w/ inward rotation 24K 10:00
Start middle of top of foot
reps 5/5 X 10 + 1 101
end middle of top of foot

Snatch 24K 10:00
Start bottom of top of foot (note: hands a little sore so these will be taken a little slow)
reps 10/ 10 each 1:30 X 4, 10/10 each 2:00 X 2 = 60/60 or 120
end middle of top of ffot

Note: ROM measurements were taken slightly differently than they have been. I was placing my feet side by side and locking out my knees for these so if they seem a touch high, that’s why. All the top of foot measurements would be floor using the old method.

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