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Cool this morning

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on June 9, 2011

6 am

start bottom of shin
end top of top of foot

Windmill 12K 10:00
start middle of top of foot
reps 5/5 X 5, 5/3 = 58
end bottom of top of foot
snap, crackle, pop

Press with inner rotation 24K 10:00
start bottom of top of foot
reps 5/5 X 9 = 90
end top of toes

Moving very slowly this morning. Not sore, just sluggish, reticent. I finally figured out which exercise caused the horizontal line of muscle soreness across my upper back, the windmills. That should rotation is twisting the muscles from my should across the scapular spine. I think it’s doing good things for them b but they’re letting me hear about it for now.

Last eve, biked for 45 minutes or so, came back and got out my wife’s kick scooter and went around the block then jogged while she did the same.

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