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hottest day in 23 years?

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on June 7, 2011

New workout today. It looks intense and exciting.

Start bottom shin
End floor

Windmills 12K 10 min
start toe tips
reps 5/5 X 6, 1/1, 62
end floor

Deadlift 275lbs 10 min
start floor
reps 3 X 12, 2 x 2 = 40
end floor

Snatch 24K 10 min (seriously thought about not following with this but I’m gonna test it and see how it lands)
Start floor (guess I’m doing it)
reps 10/10 X 5 , 5/5 = 110
End floor
allow me to be the first to say that I played this one a little conservatively. I had no idea how it would go. Got my heart going, sitting to type this caused my head to throb, standing releived it Have to raise the keyboard so I can stand and do this. HR mon only says mid 130s.

Press rotation 24K 10 min
start floor
reps 5/5 X 1, oops wrong way, 5/5 X 7 =70
end floor

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