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Two days off

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on June 5, 2011

start mid ankle
end bottom ankle
For next session with Kurt, we should do the entire mobility warmup with an eye to how each movement is contributing. I think a few are not as effective as they first were and maybe he has some ideas to improve.

halo 16K 10 min
Start bottom of top of foot
Rep 10/10 x 8, 5/5 = 170
End bottom of top of feet/ top of top of toes (knuckle)

cossack 12K 10 min
Start floor
reps 5/5 X 8
end floor
huge focus on depth with these, I was getting my knee to about my tricep. I was also trying to keep my head up more than I traditionally have.

TGU 16K 10 min
Start floor
reps 1/1 X 11
End floor
Focused on technique (hip drive, sit back before standing). I felt I pushed myself. My reps got faster as I went along, took no breaks to stand or test during set

Bent over rows 16K unilateral 10 min
start floor
reps 10/10 X 5
end floor
called it early. Physical exhaustion seemed to be calling out. I was getting that felling that I just didn’t want to do anymore and with a simple, light exercise like this, when I’m going for looseness makes that seem important.

Bending – bent a couple hot dipped timber ties over the last few days. I was unable to scrounge leather so I’ve just been using a hand towel as wrapping, makes finishing unbelievably hard. I’ve got two very sold bends 4 so-so bend and a weak one.

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