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afternoon delight

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on May 31, 2011

start top of ankle
end middle of top of foot

row 135 lbs 10 min
start toe tops
5 X 9
end floor
I need to make sure I pull to my chest not belly. I also need to make sure I don’t round my back as I near the peak of my pull, rounding my back seems to set of my nerves. I may need to drop the weight or just do sets of 3

lunge with twist 12 lb ball 10 min
start floor
10/10 X 5
end floor

snatch 24K
start floor
25/25 0:00 – 2:30
rest 1 minute
10/10 3:30 – 4:20
rest 1 minute
10/10 4:20 – 6:10
rest 1 minute
5/5 7:20 – 7:34

I thought this was decent given I haven’t touched this bell in a while, simultaneously it gave me a real appreciation for Kurts 100 reps in 4:38.

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out of town – get down

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on May 31, 2011

I have been out of town since Friday. I did manage to get a workout in on saturday but I don’t have the details of it. Short form was:
Snatches for reps 16K – somewhere just north of 200
Cossacks – played around with weights on this and discovered I can get really deep on thes with a 16 K bell in my hands.

05/31/2011 5:45 am
Start bottom shin
end bottom ankel

halo 16K
start mid ankle
minor ROM loss, I’ll come back to this

Cossacks 8 minutes
start top of foot
5/5 BW, 5/5 8K, 5/5 12K, 5/5 16K, 5/5 12K X 2
end toe nails
I was obviously playing with the weight to see what worked. The 16K gets me deep and feels really good but there seemed to be just a tiny bit of push back from my body when I tested afterward. 12K seemed to be the best of both worlds

Halo 16K 8 minutes
start toe nails
10/10 X 6
end floor

start top of foot
These tested poorly, which they have the last few times and I’m not sure why. I decided to try a partial movement and see what happends. I tried “TGU press” – start from the floor with the punch and go to the point before I drop a leg back.

Cossack 12K X 1 to reset ROM
top of toes

TGU press 16K
toe tips
5/5 X 3
end floor
The press worked well which surprised me. I’ll play around with TGU some more to figure out what is hurting my ROM in there.

I hope to get in to workout this afternoon but realistically, it’s unlikely

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