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keeping it at home

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on May 21, 2011

The working out at home thing has it’s share of benefits and challenges. I love my home gym setup, it’s great. Working out in the morning is not my taste which means I need to invest more willpower in trying to make myself do it. Working out in the evening is great but work often keeps me late and makes difficult.

Just realized I forgot to write down dates. I’m going to estimate dates:
05/16 5:00 pm
Start mid ankle
Mobility drills
End top of feet

Deadlift 155 8 mins (didn’t get the number – guess I did a terrible job of record keeping

05/19 5:30 am
start bottom of shin
mobility drills
end ankle

Goblet squat 16K
50 reps
End bottom of ankle

Scorpion pushup
start bottom of ankle
reps 5/5 X 2, 3/3 X 2, 2/2 X 4 (24/24)

BU Press
start top of foot
rep 5/5 X 6
end top of foot

05/20 5pm (I’m certain on this date)
start top of ankle
mobility drills
end bottom of top of foot
deadlift 185 lbs X 50
start top of toes
end top of toe nail

goblet squat 16K X 50
start toe tips
end toe tips

scorpion push – towel pullup
2/2 – 1 X 5, 2/2 – 0 X 6 (22/22 scorpion push ups and 5 towel pull up singles)
start floor
end toe tips

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