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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on March 13, 2011

I haven’t kept up the log very well this week.
I didn’t get much done in the morning – anything really
Tuesday was off due to incapacitating soreness in from the lunges
Wednesday I had very little time but I got into the gym in the afternoon. I didn’t take my sheet so I don’t have the reps recorded but I did deadlifts and rows. My legs were sore going in but felt great coming out

Bodyweight 252.5
starting test point: bottom of shins
mobility drills
Test point: bottom of ankle

test point: top of foot
weight 60 lbs
reps: 109
Final test point: top of toe
Sets of 5/5 X 10
1/1 X 4
trying to minimize back stiffness

test point: top of foot
I chose not to do it because of the bad test

Hindu pushup
Test point: top of toe
Weigh: bodyweight
reps: 38
final test point: tip of toe
I’m fairly certain this movement is responsible for the should pain I experienced last week. I had a little bit the next day with this but nothing as bad as last week

Test Point: top of foot
I chose not to do this due to the bad test

Test point: top of toe
Weight: Bodyweight
Reps: 149
I was still sore in the legs a bit from previously but the exercise went extremely well and with minimal soreness the next day

I was feeling a little lifting burnout on the week so I jogged 2 miles at 5 miles per hour and at 1 degree incline.

Weekend: Nothing to report as yet.

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