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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on March 7, 2011

starting bodyweight 254.5
Test point: bottom of shin
mobility drills
Test Point: mid ankle

Pretest point: low ankle
time: 8 min
weight: 60lbs
Unilateral: Yes
reps: 98
Post Test point: top of foot
Notes: focused on depth. Kept tension out during although there is always some after, much less than previously.

Pretest point: top of foot
Time: 8 min
Unilateral: yes
Weight: 60lb
reps: 122
Post test point: top of toes
Notes: kept having tension creap into the right hamstring while rowing on the left side

Pretest point: top of toe
Time: 8 min
Unilateral: Y
Weight: 40lbs
Reps: 85
Post test point: tips of toes
Notes: tested the 60lb but there is a lot of tension throughout my body when I try to skip that high. With 40lbs I hit excess tension and some muscle fatigue at 30 reps. At that point it became more of a kettlebell style clean and press with one rep to each side.

Pretest point: grasp toes
Time: 8min
Unilateral: Y
Weight: bodyweight only
Reps: 147
Posttest point: tops of toes
I’ve never done so many lunges and I’m sure I’ll feel it tomorrow.

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