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overtrained and overworked

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on March 5, 2011

I felt like crap on Friday when I woke up. My head hurt, my shoulders hurt, my hips hurt. I thought I was coming down with one of my coworker’s sinus infection. I didn’t want to go into work but needed to. The day was booked as a rest day for training primarily because I had little sleep this week so I wanted to sleep in and I had no free time during the day to get to the gym.
I went through the day at 1/2 speed thinking I may not be in on Monday if I felt like this. My coworkers and managers encouraged me to leave early. I left 2 hours early. I got home and took some ibuprofen, took a long, hot soak and did something I almost never do – nothing. A couple hours later I started to feel remarkably better. I think the ibuprofen helped the shoulders and hips and the soak and nothing helped the head.
I didn’t feel like I worked through tension yesterday in the gym but maybe I did and I wasn’t tuned in enough. Maybe I just threw too much at myself. I know work has been rough for me this week. Either way I need to improve on self monitoring for work and workout.

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