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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on March 3, 2011

Yesterday’s workout left my lower back a little tight. Today I tried to focus on form over reps. Some of my reps dropped but I accept that as the price of getting it right

Bodyweight 255
10:30 am
Started out touching to the top of my ankle
Bottom of Ankle
Pigeon toe deadlift
8 minutes
60 lbs
74 really good reps
Finished able to touch the top of my foot
Standing press
8 minutes
40 lbs
116 reps
touched my toes
Hindu push-up
8 minutes
32 reps (I had to go to singles as early as rep 13)
touched the tips of my toes
8 minutes
60 lbs
130 reps (had to stop early, one of my superiors came into the gym and wanted to talk about a database issue)
Grasp my toes


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