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Not keeping up the log

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on February 24, 2011

Part of the reason I stopped blogging is time became and issue. I’m seeing that again already
Wednesday morning – I’m not sure. I worked out and I’m sure I thought I’d come up and log it right away and I clearly didn’t
Wednesday noon –

Pigeon Toe Deadlift
Test: Top Ankle
Reps: 92
Weight: 60lbs

Test: Bottom Ankle
Reps: 143
Weight: 60 lbs

Test: Toes
Reps: 40
Weight: Bodyweight

Test: Toes
Reps 80
Weight: 60

Today Noon
I was having a stressful day at work so the work was needed, badly but I forgot to take paper to record – all counts are suspect
Pigeon Toe Deadlift
Test: Top Ankle
Reps: 85ish
Weight: 60

Pigeon Toe Presses
Test: Bottom Ankle
Reps: 115 ish
Weight: 40

Test: Top of Foor
Reps: 80ish
Weigh: 60

I’m off for the next few days, out of town.

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