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Snows here

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on February 21, 2011

Sunday was booked as my off day. I think it was a good thing, I think I overplayed it a bit on the last round of jumps and left my left calf a little tight, it took a day to work out.

Monday am
We stayed up a bit late Saturday and Sunday night. I awoke Monday with little motivation. As a result I barely got down to the gym and I only just got two exercises in time.
Pigeon toe deadlift with 135 lbs, 57 reps in 8 minutes
Kettlebell rows with 24K kettlebell for 134 reps

At noon I shoveled rather than hit the gym. It was mildly aerobic.
I tore the callus off my right hand today which is annoying but I’ll deal with it.

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