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Better than expected

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on August 31, 2009

Sometime last week I said to myself that I wanted to have preplanned workouts rather than deciding on the spot as I tend to do.  Yet, I’ve already broken that oath. None the less it went well

24K kettlebell
SOTS Press 10/10
2H swing 50

crunches 25
leg lifts 25
Plancks 3 X 20 count

16K 10 minute snatch test 200

The workout started with the question in my head of how many SOTS presses I could do with a 24K. I got to 10/10 and decided my form was breaking down enough it was time to do something else. I did the swings then did another round but slower.The abs were on the list on account of my desire to improve on the Newport workout. The snatches were a good closer to make me feel done. I kept the pace reasonably slow, sets of 10 were all I was doing. It was more about doing it than doing it fast.

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