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Here we go again

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on August 30, 2009

Saturday, I didn’t train, just ran out of time.
This morning the dog got me up at 4 so at about 6 I did a workout
16K snatches 25/25
Pushup 10
Hindu Squat 25

did as a ladder circuit 25 (10), 20 (8), 15(6), 10 (4), 5 (1)
It was a nice morning workout and I occasionally had the motivation to do some thing later today but I wanted to catch some sleep to make up for the early wake up and I had plenty of stuff to do.
Lots of cooking today which was nice, Blueberry pancaked and bacon for breakfast. I attempted a recipe for blueberry muffins later in the morning. I followed it to the “T” which meant no sugar….there should have been sugar. Still they’ll make a nice something to munch on this week and they’ll just be that much lower cal. Then for lunch I did a new recipe for an “asian style” three bean salad. It was awesome. Finally Laura made beans and rice for dinner, also awesome. It was a really satisfying day.
Tomorrow the semester begins. I’m glad it’s finally here because I want to get it over with. Two more semesters and I’m all done with this school business for a long time. I can focus on what I ( and Laura) want to focus on for a while. Family, moving, cooking, gardening and training.
Oh, I ran into a guy I know from Dumbarton tonight. He’s and old bodybuilder, gotta be around 50, he looks great. I can’t help but assume he’s getting some help. He’s far more muscular than I’ve ever seen him and I’ve seen him train really hard. He looks healthy though. Not overly muscular, just the right balance. A really healthy look about him all around. It was neat to see him doing so well.

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