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Follow up on note to self

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on August 27, 2009

Got it done

3:00 work followed by 2:00 rest

  • 24K Clean and Jerk – Came up short of 25/25 but not by much
  • 24K Goblet Squats – 50, that was tough, real tough
  • Downward Dog -Dive Bomber-> Upward Dog – also real tough, I may, just may, have gotten 20
  • 16K Snatch – got something like 25/25, 10/10, 5/0
  • 16K Tactical Lunges – Lost count, not a lot, maybe 20/20 and some of them were real homely
  • Planck – probably 60/40 work to rest ratio, not particularly good
  • Barbell get up – Last minute addition I used my 2″ dumbell as the “barbell” it’s got enough room to hold it with both hands. It was loaded with a lowly 20lbs
  • Pullover – another last minute addition, I was just kinda playing with these, I did them during the 2 minute rest period after the Barbell get ups. I didn’t count them, just did them for two minutes. I was on the floor so it wasn’t a full range of motion.

Time: 40:05
Max: 179
Avg: 152
After 5 minutes of rest: 107

Still cant get this foul contraption to upload the data as it’s supposed to I need to ask the Polar Tech support for help but I suspect that it’s that I’m running Vista as an OS that it won’t work.

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  1. Karianne said,

    Hi! Mike,

    Is the foul contraption you are talking about; the heart rate monitor?

    It looks like you had a very good workout.

    < Karianne

  2. Mike said,

    more the software that is supposed to download the info. The watch/monitor works swimmingly for it’s part. The software that is supposed to get it appears to be riddled with problems, when you visit the forums, the first thing they say is that you will probably have trouble with the process. I need to spend some time working on it, I just haven’t made the time yet but I am a tad concerned that running Vista (and soon Windows 7) is the problem. The good news is I still have my old Compaq and it’s running XP so I may end up using it. I’ve considered getting it out as my “training computer anyway”. That way if I want to log my workout while I’m still all sweaty and nasty I don’t have to care about touching the keyboard.

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