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Follow up on note to self

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on August 27, 2009

Got it done

3:00 work followed by 2:00 rest

  • 24K Clean and Jerk – Came up short of 25/25 but not by much
  • 24K Goblet Squats – 50, that was tough, real tough
  • Downward Dog -Dive Bomber-> Upward Dog – also real tough, I may, just may, have gotten 20
  • 16K Snatch – got something like 25/25, 10/10, 5/0
  • 16K Tactical Lunges – Lost count, not a lot, maybe 20/20 and some of them were real homely
  • Planck – probably 60/40 work to rest ratio, not particularly good
  • Barbell get up – Last minute addition I used my 2″ dumbell as the “barbell” it’s got enough room to hold it with both hands. It was loaded with a lowly 20lbs
  • Pullover – another last minute addition, I was just kinda playing with these, I did them during the 2 minute rest period after the Barbell get ups. I didn’t count them, just did them for two minutes. I was on the floor so it wasn’t a full range of motion.

Time: 40:05
Max: 179
Avg: 152
After 5 minutes of rest: 107

Still cant get this foul contraption to upload the data as it’s supposed to I need to ask the Polar Tech support for help but I suspect that it’s that I’m running Vista as an OS that it won’t work.

Note to self

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on August 27, 2009

For a bit later:
3 minutes of work
2 minutes of rest

24K Clean and Jerk
24K Squat
Up Dog -> Down Dog
16K snatch
16K Lunge

How shall it go, we will see.

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