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What I’ve just done

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on August 19, 2009

a little yoga to warm up
24K kettlebell Snatch 25/25
24K TGU 5/5
Mountain Climbers 25/25
Clap pushups (attempts anyway) 5
24K kettlebell row X 10
I did HR info with my monitor, tried to upload it but that was a huge bust.

duration 48:13
643 cal
Max HR 185
Avg HR 140

The second round of the circuit was rough, real rough and much slower.

The yoga to warm up was because for the last two or three days I have been aching to do some yoga, all the sitting I did yesterday in cars and on the plane was taking its toll, the day before I was in a car almost all day and there was a price too. I really should have done yoga a couple days ago and again last night. Not the whole 45 minute workout mind you. I did the first couple poses repeatedly just to get some mobility and movement, it felt good. I felt a heck of a lot better than the slighly over aggressive DVD I have.

Workout recover drink: half a class of cranberry pomegrante juice with half a glass of water to top it off. nummie. Then several classes of water after cause it’s crazy humid here.

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