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stuff I’ve been up to

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on August 3, 2009

Preparing for some time away in the not too distant future, that’s good, very good.

Working up the stuff for the kettlebell juggling contest. I still have a lot to do. Everyone who sees it says it’s a great idea, we’ll see how many actually come and play. I’ve got three judges lined up and in the community they’re all at least recognizable names: Jeff Martone, Maureen Martone and Scott Bird. Strength folks really are nice folks. I forget that sometimes.
I’m spending some time taking advantage of the webpage to practice some skills that I’ve crudely shaped in the last few months at work and a chance to use some that I don’t get to use at work (because we have some really dumb sys admins).

Working the yoga angle. It’s good for me, I need the stretching and so forth. My shoulder mobility is utter crap, unfortunately theyoga I’ve been doing doesn’t seem too address this well. I should probably be doing Indian Club stuff but I haven’t made the time. For the yoga lovers out there, there is a pretty cool movie on netflix called Ashtanga, NY that is talking about a week long seminar lead by the current reigning guru. It’s neat.

We’ve played Tennis a couple times, I am so terribly rusty and I won’t get tuned up in time for classes to start. Ah, well.

Weighed in at 248.6 this morning. Tolerable considering I didn’t train at all this weekend and I was pretty loose with the food rules. At least now that I’m out of classes I hold steady on a bad week and drop on a good week.

Did 10 minutes of clean and jerk with the 32K bell this evening, only 80. It seems like 100 would be a servicable number. Did a few other things but nothing terribly important.

Tennis later

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