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Change of pace

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on July 19, 2009

The reward for 7 weeks of intensive classes is 8 weeks of peace and calm. Those days started on Friday. I celebrated by taking the day off from work and not doing much of anything. In fact, I endedup taking two seperate 1 hour naps which is pretty atypical of me. On Saturday I turned 30. I took it easy then as well, got some bar-b-q for my celebratory lunch with some bluberry pie. Today, more relaxing, a bit of chores and that was it.

Tomorrow begins a new week and a new, different period of time. With my new found free time I have one major goal in mind. Shed some of these pounds I gained while eating three meals a day away from home. I haven’t weighed myself in a while but I’m guessing 255. I’ll check tomorrow. I’m returning to Monday morning weigh ins. I’ll be eating a more normal and largely home cooked diet which is nice.

For activities, Laura and I will try to get to the Chrome and Fern 2-3 days a week and my desire it to get in a light, higher rep kettlebell workout at home on those same 3 days (if we don’t get to Chrome and Fern on Saturday I’ll jog or do a video). On the off days I’m going to try and do some yoga or z-health for about 30 minutes. Friday will be my only totally off day.

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  1. Karianne said,

    Dear 30 year old Mike,

    Welcome to a new decade of life. I wish you the very best!!

    Gene & I went to Grand Island today in this unusually cool weather. We went to Art in the Park in there nice shady park.

    Then off to the Veteran’s home to look around where Gene works. He gets in plenty of walking there. No wonder the veterans have motorized wheel chairs. They really need them living there.

    We also went to visit the brand new St. Fransis hospital. It is very nice.
    Well thought out.

    Hope to see you in less then a month….

    < Karianne

  2. Chris Rice said,

    Thirty years old – congratulations! I kind of remember that age – it was great – I was probably close to my all time physical peak about then. Just a reminder about Seneca this year – I’d love to see you two there this year.

  3. Mike said,

    Thanks, I’m happy about it. I don’t normally get to excited about birthdays but this one makes me generally pleased. I don’t know if I’ve reached a physical peak like Chris did at 30. I figure there are a lot of things I can still do or learn to do better, so I’m pretty content

    Sounds like a full day in Central Nebraska, I hope you guys enjoyed it.

    Chris, I’ll definitely mention it. This is my last year of college classes so that is the most important thing this year so I can’t make any promises. Despite the rain, my memories of last time are still treasured.

  4. Chris Rice said,

    Mike – when I hit 30 I had been training something like 19 years – if I had to pick my best year all around it would probably be when I was 28 or so. No doubt quicker/faster when I was younger but the over all picture – 28,

    Hope you two can make it to Seneca – I still owe you a trip to the summit!

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