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dunno where my student ID is

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on July 11, 2009

None the less I got in for a couple workouts last week, about 50 clean and jerks with 135 on Tuesday and about 50 front squats with 195 on Wednesday. Some other stuff too but that was the major movement.

16K snatch 5 X 10/10
24K Front squat 5 X 10
Staggered push up 10/10
Supine bicycle 25/25
24K Clean and Jerk 3 X 10/10
16K Tactical Lunge 5 X 10
Dive Bomber 20

This wasn’t a quick workout nor was it meant to be. It took about 40 minutes.

Next week is my last week of the summer semester, finals. I’m glad it’s here, it’s been a busy several weeks. My diet has been awful. Being away from home for that many hours a day tend to give me the opportunity to eat at restraurants. That’s not inherently bad but I have the standard  urges to eat too much when I do. The first 3 weeks I was well behaved, the next three weeks I slowly slid into way to much food. The last week or so I’ve slowly stabalized back toward the middle ground, still too much but not as excessive. I imagine if it went on long enough I would go back and forth until I reached a happy place although it would probably be a bit too much, as if often the way with restaurant food.

I look forward to cooking all my meals again. I look forward to spending time with Laura and Bernedette. I look forward to training at home on a regular basis. I’ve nearly made it and my efforts are yielding good fruit, a couple decent grade and two more classes towards graduation.

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  1. Karianne said,


    Hang in there… you have done such a good job so far. We are all looking forward to August. & hope you have a wonderful 30th birthday this Saturday.

    < Karianne

  2. Mike said,

    Thanks, four more days, hooray. Then it’s an easy ride to Minneapolis.

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