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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on June 6, 2009

A busy close to the week. I got a homework assignment on Tuesday that was due Thursday, it took about 5 hours to complete – let’s do the math

48 hours
5 hours for homework
5 hours of class
16 hours of work
12 hours of sleep
3 hours of commuting
3 hours of eating
3 hours of working out (changing clothes before and after and showering included)
total of other activities: 47 hours
leaving 1 hour to spend with my wife, dog and doing other things like bathing, getting dressed, and so on.

so I kept my workouts short

Concept II – Hooray, I was wrong about the batteries being dead
5,000 meters
time 24minutes
strokes per minute came out to just about21 on average based on what I saw on the display
pace came to about 2:25 per 500 meters, I was going for keeping it under 2:30.

I called it a workout at this point, I wanted to get to the shower and go work on homework. Additionally, I love the Concept II but experience dictates that going crazy on it the first few times out will leave you in a bad way. You must respect the Concept II and slide into the workout (no pun intended) butif you do that, you will get a great reward.

24K kettlebells
Jerk (two bells) X 10
Snatch (Left then Right) X 10
5 set
With warmup  this ran right about 35 minutes. I think I find the 24K bells easier than the 16s, they fall into the rack better. The 50 reps wasn’t too bad, I’d do it again. I’d like to play with increasing the reps per set over time.

disorganized chaos

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on June 2, 2009

I hear a lot about organized chaos, this isn’t that.

I took Friday – Sunday off from formal traning per schedule. I did get some nice extracirriculars in by planting a bunch of stuff in pots. Monday I was due in the gym for kettlebells but a minor crisis kept me at work until it was time for class, so Monday was out. Today I made a point of getting to the gym. I enjoyed my last workout so much that I decided I would do something more with a barbell.

Back Squat 135lbs 2 x 20

One of the the two squat racks is gone and the remaining one may as well be called the bench so I had the opportunity to do these from the floor which was cool. I get funny looks when I do a Clean and Jerk to the back, squats then a back jerk and back to the floor with the weight.

Upstairs to the kettlebell room for a bit of playing
16 K kettlebells (2 of them) jerks
4 X 15
I was surprised to find how much these impacted me. The jerks weren’t hard, the rack is. I’m fat so racking a kettlebell is more of a strength move for me than anything. I can’t exactly dig my elbows into my hips, my stomach keeps them away.

Tomorrow, I need to force myself to row. I’ve been putting it off too long. I really enjoy rowing but I just ahve a vision that I’ll arrive in the cardio room to find that either the rowers are gone of they will have not changed the batteries in the monitors, which were dying when I was in there a very long time ago and are surely dead by now. that coupled with my lack of HR monitor at the moment would make it all just very silly.

In other news, Scott Bird has a forums now. Check it out!

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