Anvil or Hammer

too tired to care

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on June 29, 2009

I got into the gym a bit last week. Hit it real hard on Monday. Then Tuesday I did Z health. I also managed to call up an old back injury, not the big one, a smaller reoccurring one. One that I often has supiscions about. The chairs in the business school only flex in one place, right were the mid and lower back meet. They hyper extend about 45 degrees there. If I sit back all the way, for most of class, I end up over stretching some deep muscles and it leads to discomfort, weakness and spasms. Fortunately it also only takes a couple days to recover.
Today, today I just didn’t feel like playing ball, with anything. The semester’s all but over and I couldn’t be happier counting this week three weeks remain. I’ve got a pair of speeches to give a write up on Under Armour to do and a pair of test to take. Then the fun is all over for about 6 weeks. This fall won’t be quite a hectic.
I haven’t done a particularly good job in the gym or the kitchen this semster but I’ve learned a lot.