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Already off my game

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on May 27, 2009

Yesterday was typical of me. It was the first day of classes so I wanted to make sure I had enough time to get to school, buy my books, get and upated ID, workout, shower and get to class. As often goes with these things, I over plan and trip myself up, but not in a major way. I got through the workout and found I had only 30 minutes til class. I hopped down to the showers and took a quick one and bounced off to class.

I got there and the door was locked, it seemed like no one was around. I begin questioning a lot f things but I double checked myself: right room, starts at 5:30, start May 26th. Then I realized that in my intense desire to not be late I hadn’t read the clock closely, I still had an hour. Typical.

The workout itself went very well despite one major annoyance, by the third exercise my heart rate monitor read 38, by the fourth it read 00. After that it wouldn’t give me any heart rate info. I don’t know if I just need a new strap or if I need a whole new rig. I’m eyeballing the F7, it has all the nifty, uploady features that the geek in me like but is relatively cheap ($129 cheap compared to all their othat, also overpriced, products).

Then last night I woke up about midnight and couldn’t get back to sleep for a couple hours. When I started to get close, my left calf decided to just cramp. That woke me back up and I took a hot bath to try and rub the cramp out. It’s better but I never got back to sleep. I have class tonight but I think I’m going to skip rowing. I’m a big fan but neither my head nor body are in the right place.the workout itself yesterday was the first day of Strength in Motion by Art of Strength. It went better than I expected and it went better than it did when I did it a year ago.

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  1. Karianne said,

    Hi Mike,

    I know that you will get into a routine soon enough. If you can wait, I can send you money for your 30th birthday; so you can buy a new heartrate monitor.

    You are not alone. Yesterday a guy a few eliptical machines down from me; had his monitor fall to the floor.

    I signed up for the walk across Nebraska. So, it will be interesting to see if I can meet my goal of 455 miles.

    Keep up the good work. You will survive the next 7 weeks.

    < Karianne

  2. Mike said,

    That would be great, I ttied the monitor again today and it’s a no-go. That walk across Nebraska sounds interesting. From what Laura was saying you have to do something like 5 or 6 miles per day to get it done on time?
    Thanks for the motivation. I’ll get there.

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