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The end of morning workouts – again

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on May 12, 2009

I knew the time would come and I didn’t know when. I decided it was today. I hate workouts first thing in the morning but they seem to be symbolically important  to me. They’re good for helping me start a habit.

bodyweight 244.0

C&J 24K kettlebell 10/10 X 5 + 1/1 X 2 = 104
Time: 10:00
Avg Hr 172
Max Hr 183
This was interesting in a couple ways. First, per usuual, I lost count a few sets in. I was pretty sure I was on four but when I watched how long it took me to complete a set, it looked like it was only 3. Later math revealed that the difference was half a second per rep, so it’s possible I was on four, now we’ll never know. I did either 100 or 110. Second, I wasn’t going for a 10 minute time perid but it was 9:30 at 100 (my original goal) so I thought, why not.

Goblet Squats 24K kettlebell X 10
Reverse Flies 12lb Dumbbell X 10
5 sets

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