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10 more minutes

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on May 11, 2009

mountain climber 25/25
supine bicycle 10/10

These were harder than anticipated. I’m fairly certain I get winded at a much lower heart rate and amount of effort in the morning than in the afternoon.


24K kettlebell
10 minutes – 160 reps
Time: 10:00
avg Hr 169
Max hr 177
I actually lost count. I was either at 80 0r 100 at just over 5 minutes, last time has me at 110 so I think 100 was probably the right count. I feel like I left a little in the tank on this, I’ll have to do better next time

Bodyweight 244.0
I’ve been trying to weigh myself right before I workout in training gear to get the most accurate and what I am calling “real” weight possible. I forgot so this is immediately post workout. I was abnormally liberal with calories this weekend. Not terribly egregious but not well mannered either.

Today starts finals for me. I have 3 exams, I hope to do one each on Mon, Tue, Thur. I’ll take Wednesday off from class and training.

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