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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on May 11, 2009

Five things to do between now and the start of the summer semester

  1. Make good on my commitment to host another contest
  2. Shape up my RSS reader so I can see more of the blogs I want and less of the garbage
  3. Compile an actual training plan for the 6 weeks of the spring semster
  4. Work on hitting AoS, farmstrength and gripboard at least weekly
  5. Catch up with some of the folks I’ve not been keeping in touch with

Five things that’ll just have to wait

  1. Create a good homepage for
  2. Do some more videos
  3. Set some goals, make some projects
  4. tag all my posts that I have been too lazy to tag
  5. Run a bunch of stats on the numbers I have compiled
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10 more minutes

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on May 11, 2009

mountain climber 25/25
supine bicycle 10/10

These were harder than anticipated. I’m fairly certain I get winded at a much lower heart rate and amount of effort in the morning than in the afternoon.


24K kettlebell
10 minutes – 160 reps
Time: 10:00
avg Hr 169
Max hr 177
I actually lost count. I was either at 80 0r 100 at just over 5 minutes, last time has me at 110 so I think 100 was probably the right count. I feel like I left a little in the tank on this, I’ll have to do better next time

Bodyweight 244.0
I’ve been trying to weigh myself right before I workout in training gear to get the most accurate and what I am calling “real” weight possible. I forgot so this is immediately post workout. I was abnormally liberal with calories this weekend. Not terribly egregious but not well mannered either.

Today starts finals for me. I have 3 exams, I hope to do one each on Mon, Tue, Thur. I’ll take Wednesday off from class and training.

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