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BLTs with horseradish are delicious

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on May 7, 2009

burpee 3 x 10
these were slow reps. Each one was slightly slower than normal and between each I would give myself a one count. I took ample recovery time between each set. I broke a bit of a sweat so for a morning workout is was perfect for me. Additionally, that the most of these I’ve ever done in one go.

Bodyweight 245.0
16K kettlebell 25/25 X 4
time: 10:25
avg hr: 163
max hr: 177

These were mostly about trying to get the 25 reps before switching hands. I took my time but I didn’t stop. The last left handed set I did have to set the bell down on 13, 15, 18, 20 and 23. My grip was just wanting to quit and being inside I didn’t want to risk the bell going for a ride.

16K kettlebell goblet squats 25 X 4

The first set was pretty hard but they got better. I would have liked to run my heart rate monitor but I wanted the two different data points seperate and I couldn’t find a way to clear the current workout from my monitor.

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