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Rain, Rain Go Away

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on May 4, 2009

It’s been raining for about 3 days and everyone is complaining already. The next two weeks aren’t forcasted to be any different, May may be a long month in Maryland.

Yesterday – Chrome and Fern
Recumbant Bicycle level 15, intervals, 30 minutes
I don’t have an average and max HR but I had my monitor on. From the display on the bike, I’d say average was in the low to mid 160’s and max was in the low to mid 170’s. That’s just a guess. The bike told me I had burned 350 calories.

I did get an answer to one question I had, how far does the monitor reach. My wife was on the bike next to me and said that she seemed to pick up occasional hear rate readings from me. Approximate range from my strap to her bike, just under 4 feet.

bodyweight something like 244.8
mountain climber 10/10 X 10

same body weight roughly
Clean and Jerk 100/100
sets went 10/10 X 5, rest, 10/10, rest, 10/10, rest, 5/5 X 4
Avg Hr 169
Max Hr 193

I also just got an email from Dave Whitley, it’s a blog update to his Iron Tamer website. It’s about tearing hands, I’m looking forward to hearing more details on how he avoids tearing the skin on his hands.

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