Anvil or Hammer

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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on May 1, 2009

5 am

Burpee 1
Mountain climber 10
5 sets

16k kettlebell
clean & jerk
wind mill

v situp 5

I did a bit of stretching  and clubs too, just to get everything working. I hope to eventually make this into a real workout time but we’ll see. I never stick this morning stuff.

4:30 pm
16K kettlebell snatch 10/10 X 11 (yes eleven)

hindu squat X 25
pushup X 10
4 sets

time 17:37
avg hr 164
max hr 178

these are interesting exercises, I don’t fail on any of them at these reps, it just becomes uncomfortable to continue.

I have a new reason to get fit for that suit. My boss has asked me to submit the paperwork to become a very minor presenter at a national conference. It’s cool to have someone so interested in my work and it would be a magnificient opportunity for our future moving plans.

I have so much to do, on all fronts, and so much to learn. It’s exciting and I’m a very lucky person.