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Welcome back

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on April 28, 2009

bodyweight 246.4
That’s pretty much where it’s been hanging out for a while but I’m glad I didn’t gain while on vacation. I credit a lot of walking that Laura and I did and Laura’s willingness to split meals with me for this. that’s said, time to head on down.

Snatch 25/25
Hindu Squat 25
Push ups 10
4 sets
I had to take breaks on the last set of snatches, my hands were just failing but that’s just why I was doing the snatches. I need to get more grip endurance.

Time 18:18
avg hr 164
max hr 179

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  1. Chris Rice said,

    It was great seeing you again and meeting Laura – you got yourself a keeper there buddy!

  2. speedstudio said,

    Hey Mike:

    Are you training with the Vibram 5 fingers? Wondering what it like to run or sprint in them.

  3. Mike said,

    It was great seeing you Chris. She is a pretty great person, isn’t she.

    I and wearing 5 fingers, Chris wears them too as does Sandy of Charm City Kettlebells.I’ve never run in mine, I’d say you have absolutely no padding. If you’re into barefoot running, they are a close approximation but I’m not sure I would sprint in them. It’d beat up your feet.
    Two things to be aware of before you buy them. the rubber on the toes isn’t perfectly cut. I don’t think this would be a problem with running but I’m not sure, but you may find extra friction between your toes because the rubber grips with come in contact with each other. The other is that they need to fit right. I ordered mine based on the 5 finger website recommendations. If I was to order them again, I’d get them one size smaller. If I were going to run in them, I’d want them to be exactly right so you absolutely need to find a pair to try on before you buy them.

    Maybe I’ll try to make an excuse to go jog in them in the park this weekend just to try them out. You will be on grass right?

  4. speedstudio said,

    I’m doing an incremental step down from running trainers to some type of flat sole. I picked up some Nike Lunars which are flatter in the heel and have a wider toe box than I’m used to. Next will be Nike Frees then maybe the V5 fingers. I’d be running on mondo track. I can jog barefoot about 3/4 miles on the track with no problems. I doubt I’ll ever sprint on a track barefoot – too much friction.

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