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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on April 20, 2009

I’m just posting to say the semester is winding down and that makes me happy. I haven’t had a semester so full of busy work in a while. I’ll be glad to see the backside of it. This summer should be interesting. I’ll be spending roughly 6 weeks going to school four days a week, astually going to school, not online. The bad news is the logistical hassles, the good news is that puts me back in contact with some Concept IIs and the matches pairs of kettlebells. I’m thinking I’d like to alternate rowing and kettlebells and that for my kettlebell days I’d like to go back to work on that Enter the Kettlebell program or whatever it was caleld that I got from AoS.

The other update I have is that I took a shot in the dark on that idea of a kettlebell juggling contest and seem to have hit the right place. So if you’ve got bells, blow the dust off them and start practicing.

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