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why go to the park?

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on April 18, 2009

I wanted to go to the park to do some juggling today. I headed out the door, kettlebell in hand, and thought, why go to the park? There’s peerfectly good grassy patch across the parking lot from me and my wife and I have the two cars that are parked nearest to it so no one’s property is in danger.

I don’t have any video but I went about 5 minute, tooa minuteish break, went 4 minutes, minute break,got going on round 3 and the handle of the bell hit the button on myheart rate monitor, I called it quits.
Time 13:10
AVG hr 162
max Hr 178

I came in and did 4 sets of v situps, counting to 30 at  amoderat pace on each, probably not a full 30 seconds, cal it 20-25.

I’m trying to talk myself into something with a dumbell but I don’t see it happening.
I’m wondering if I could do a kb juggling video contest like I did for kettlebell painting. Very early in the thought process but it would have to go down in August if I do it this year.

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