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I don’t think I can recall it all

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on April 6, 2009

Since I last posted I worked out 4 or 5 times not counting just now. I can’t recall them all. There was an easy bike, a couple heavy kettlebells, Providence once a light kettlebell and a new Yoga DVD. I do find it hard mkae time to type. I’m a bit crunched these days but I’m also spending 12 – 15 hours per day on the computer (more like 8 on the weekend) doing work, school work and yes, an hour or 2 of screwing off. When I change gears it’s hard to want to sit down again.

Today’s workout
24K kettlebell swings X 50
10lb club rotattions 5/5 raises 5/5
swings X 40
slowest 10 count I could manage in a wall assisted handstand
swings 30
push-up X 15
swings 20
Hindu squats X 50
swings 10
24K rows 20/20

I have determined that in order to blog to my satisfaction, it does need to be more than a laundry list. I need my blog as a sounding board for my thoughts that I never get to have a conversation about.That’s another reason why Idon’t blog efficiently under stress. It’s also why everytime I encounter someone closed minded, looking for a fight or just trolling, I just want to quit. It’s also why some well intentioned folks have misunderstood my intentions at times, when I’m thinking it’s no rules. I tend to consider all the what-ifs including the possiblities of fundamental truths being false. I’m not baiting I’m just going through the full exploration I need to reach satisfaction.

this has gotten far more confessional than I intended, I guess it shows that I’m lacking that outlet and feeling it more than I realized. Gotta run, a whole new week’s worth of homework, quizzes and tests await and I have 10 days to finish my paper.

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  1. Karianne said,

    HI Mike,

    You know that we understand a bit of the stress you are going through @ our house. Hang in there.

    I hope you got my forward about the town in England that was naming some of their streets after places and characters from Discworld.

    I have had a hard time since the beginning of the year to keep up a regular exercise routine. too. So, many other unpredictable things keep happening………..

    < Karianne

  2. Chris Rice said,

    Mike hang in there – I have long encouraged people that the comments section of a training log is more important than the list of exercises. Of course the ability to look back at “what you did” sometimes helps explain the “how you feel” part so it’s all worthwhile. You can only handle so much stress – if your life is providing too much – your workouts should be such that they lessen the load – not add significantly to it. As workouts go – I always found Tai Chi to help when I was seriously stretched. And remember the Blog is about YOU – not about others.

  3. Mike said,

    I’m sure you guys do know, how’s Ben holding up under classes? He’s fortunate to have access to the resources he does from home cooked meals to homework help. i did get the Terry Pratchett articles, pretty cute. Here is a great interview with him, in three parts:

    Have you had trouble finding a group, it seems like you enjoy it more when you have a crowd. I know Curves petered out. My mom has been doing stuff with a subset of her sunday school or bible study, maybe something like that?

    I’ve not yet been able to commit any time to tai chi. It’s one of those many things that I want to do yet when I can make the time, the motivation is not there. I don’t know if it’s because I want to down time, a lack of commitment or quite what.I did get a new yoga dvd it’s a back specialization one for beginners, it’s more of a 30 minute cooldown/stretch, That is what I have been looking for out of yoga. I really enjoy it.
    I struggle with the idea of the blog being about me. That’s silly, I know, I made it, noone else is an author, it’s all me. At the same time, it’s out here, on the web for anyone. That doesn’t mean I conceal things out of a desire for privacy but that I feel like I share it a bit so it’s not entirely about me. That’s probably just me being a megalomaniac.

  4. Chris Rice said,

    It is your blog – but it’s a workout blog first of all it seems – not a “bare your soul” kind of thing unless you want it to be of course. But I find for me at least it’s a place to expound a little on what I think of the current workout and how it seems to fit into my more overall fitness goals (I hesitate to call it a “plan”). I want to try some other forms of Yoga but never seem to find the time for anything but the one I know already. Motivation is mental for the most part but if you are beat up from work, school, plus working out on top of it – getting motivated if going to be rough. Relax – it’s for a lifetime,

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