Anvil or Hammer

I don’t think I can recall it all

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on April 6, 2009

Since I last posted I worked out 4 or 5 times not counting just now. I can’t recall them all. There was an easy bike, a couple heavy kettlebells, Providence once a light kettlebell and a new Yoga DVD. I do find it hard mkae time to type. I’m a bit crunched these days but I’m also spending 12 – 15 hours per day on the computer (more like 8 on the weekend) doing work, school work and yes, an hour or 2 of screwing off. When I change gears it’s hard to want to sit down again.

Today’s workout
24K kettlebell swings X 50
10lb club rotattions 5/5 raises 5/5
swings X 40
slowest 10 count I could manage in a wall assisted handstand
swings 30
push-up X 15
swings 20
Hindu squats X 50
swings 10
24K rows 20/20

I have determined that in order to blog to my satisfaction, it does need to be more than a laundry list. I need my blog as a sounding board for my thoughts that I never get to have a conversation about.That’s another reason why Idon’t blog efficiently under stress. It’s also why everytime I encounter someone closed minded, looking for a fight or just trolling, I just want to quit. It’s also why some well intentioned folks have misunderstood my intentions at times, when I’m thinking it’s no rules. I tend to consider all the what-ifs including the possiblities of fundamental truths being false. I’m not baiting I’m just going through the full exploration I need to reach satisfaction.

this has gotten far more confessional than I intended, I guess it shows that I’m lacking that outlet and feeling it more than I realized. Gotta run, a whole new week’s worth of homework, quizzes and tests await and I have 10 days to finish my paper.