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Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on February 15, 2009

The semester is back in full swing and is even mroe full than last semester. It will interfere with my workout schedule. More than that it will interfere with blogging, so forgive me if I’m low in posts in the coming months. I’m debating just parking the whole blog idea. I’m going to be investing a lot of time in other things.

I didn’t work out all week until yesterday

32K kb Clean and Jerk 5/5
24K bk row 5/5
5 sets

16K snatch 10/10
16K front squat 10
16K renegade row 5/5
5 sets

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  1. Karianne said,

    Dear Mike,

    We will totally understand it, if you can’t keep up with blogging right now.

    < Karianne

  2. Mike said,

    Thanks. School trumps training which trumps blogging, alas.

  3. scott styles said,

    Every once in awhile I consider dumping the blog. Then I realize it only takes me about 5 minutes to type in the workout, so I keep it. You gotta have 5 minutes a day?

  4. Mike said,

    this is a very good point. It carries far more perceived obligation and weight than it really has. I have this problem with many things. I wonder how I improve on it.

  5. scott styles said,

    I dunno, I run into problems with that issue pretty often at work. My boss is trying to break me of it.

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