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Greek Food

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 28, 2009

mm, Greek Food, too bad I didn’t order any, that smells delicious.

Last Night
10 minute Burpee test -57

1 leg straight-leg deadlift 16k 5/5
Renegade Rows 16K 5/5 
5 sets

Yesterday’s Scores
D: 8
WQ: 5
WI: 5
EC: 2
R : 7

Today’s Scores
D: 9
WQ: 0
WI: 0
EC: 3
R : 8

My quads are still sore from a couple days ago, I’ve been surprised by how the soreness has lasted but the intensity hasn’t been bad. 

Yesterday’s workout gets generally low marks. The 10 minutes of burpees was kinda just something I wanted to ge a number on, I’ve never really tried anything quite like it. My heart rate was in the 160s for the first five minutes then would hit about 170 and each set (I did them in sets of 5 for ease of counting) so I’d rest a moment before doing more.

No planned training for tonight, I need to do school stuff. 

We did get a toaster oven to get us by until we get the oven issue sorted out. It’s head and shoulders above the toaster oven my folks have always had. We can cook a 12″ pizza in the thing. Tonight we’ll try grilled cheeses in it. Speaking of food, the bit of bad weather caused me to choose to work a half day so I did egg sandwiches for breakfast but I forgot to bring my fruit for lunch. I’ll probably get into the mixed nuts later just to buff the brain for work.

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