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Monday Morning Weigh-in: 251.0

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 26, 2009

Lower than I expected, I was worried about hitting 253.  I’m waiting for the GREAT PLATEAU that  know will come.

Todays ratings: (may be adjusted later in the day if I feel the need)
D: 7
Of course, I don’t anticipate deviations, I’ll push this number down if it becomes neccessary
WQ: 0
No planned workout, defending on evening plans I may do something really light in which case this will be pushed up
WI: 0
Even if I do and evening thing, it will be very low intensity
EC: 2
Just walkin’ the dog
R: 6 
I’m a tad sore today, those swings did a good job on me.

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