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objective measures of subjectivity

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 25, 2009

The workout
32 K 2 hand swing X 20
16K Reverse lunge with a press X 10/10
24K Row X 10/10
5 sets

Flutter Kick 50/50
2 sets

Time 31:15
Avg HR 159
Max Hr 177
It was in the upper 160s a lot of the time, as the workout wore on I was taking longer and more frequent breaks. I did my best to not break midset but during the lunges I found I occasionally had too.

I’m forever trying to think of what should be added to a training log to improve it. I came up with and idea while I was working out that I think I was to try and see if I find it useful. Chris is a big fan of the part of a training log where you write down how things felt, how your physically feeling, that kind of thing. Stephen does a bit of this too. Part of the challenge, as I see it, is that unless you have a regular process of review, this effort is wasted. If you do have a regular process fo review it is often wasted as well given that you may easily be comparing apples to oranges from day to day. It occurred to me that there have been a large number of experiments done in which people rated their own exertion level and they were found to be relatively accurate. The flip side is that there have been simiar experiments on diet, they’ve typically had the opposite result.

So, I’m gonna try to experiment with using a couple one to ten ratings. These are completely subjective and prone to being misleading but it seems like a thing to try. I’m trying to settle one what measures to use but so far, this is what I have come up with:

  • Diet – how much did I stick to my intended meal plan. This means that whatever dietary philosphy I am following, am I doing it. So today, for example, I had pancakes and bacon for breakfast, pretty much all dietary plans would say this a is a bad thing, however it’s a nice thing I do for wife and myself most weekends and it was intended. If I were to go have a dozen cookies later, that would be a major ding.
  • Workout Quality – This is how I feel the workout was planned and executed. If I didn’t get into the areas I meant to or if I really overbuilt the workout and had to throttle back, this goes down.
  • Workout Intensity – This is probably the oddest one. I don’t want this one to always be high, I think I’ll shoot for an average of about 7. I think this one may be an indicator of when I overdo things. It may also encourage me to get in light workouts more often.
  • Extracurricular activities – This one will be the lowest of all. Most days it’ll be about a 2, which is what I’ll give myself if I do nothing other than walk the dog. If I did something else, relatively physical, it goes up.
  • Recovery – How do I feel from previous days. Am I refreshed or feeling sore?

There wil be another component to this later but for now I’ll try and jot down my scores.

Diet: 7
Quality: 6 – I had to take more rest than intended
Intensity: 7
EC: 3
Recovery: 6 – my glutes felt a bit wore out, I think they got over stretched yesterday from me sitting cross legged on the floor yesterday.

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