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Tried to do a bodyweight workout

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 19, 2009

I have trouble stretching bodyweight stuff into a full workout, unless there is room for tumbling, crawls and etc.

Bodyweight portion
Burpee X 1
Mountain climber X 1/1
Supine Bicycle X 1/1
done as a ladder from 1 – 5 and the back down to 1 again. It ended up being a lot more hip flexor intensive than I had expected. I should have seen it coming but didn’t.

32K swings 3 x 25, 19, 6
My grip was getting exhausted and I didn’t want to see what happens when the bell leaves my hands and hits the door jam behind me.

Plancks Front, Side, Side, Back X 2 for a 15 count each.

took about 20 minutes total. Ihad  a heart rate monitor on for the first part but took it off after the bodyweight. The result of that was that although I was quickly and thoroughly winded, I never even got to 170. I would have liked to keep using it if I had some for of a split type function.

Today’s food has been and egg sandwich, 6 pirogies and some pasta with toast tonight along with some coffee during the day.

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  1. No. 6 said,

    Don’t forget the fact that you ate some clems, too. 🙂

    We’ll get more raw veggies at the store on Friday night/Saturday morning. I think spinach balls are in order.

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