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The last thing I will say on diet theory for a while

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 19, 2009

I’m always surprised by how contentious the whole thing is.

First, I saw a hilarious episode of the Honeymooners last night called Boxtop Kid where Ralph wins a contest telling Slim-o bread how he lost a bunch of weight on the bread, which, of course, he did not. I can’t find a clip of it or I would share it.  That aired in 1954.

Second, and this was really the only thing on the topic of diets I had intended on mentioning this weekend, I have learned something interesting about myself with regard to eating. I am a terrible bored eater. I’ve spent a good bit of effort in the past couple weeks separating what happens when you think of food and have a hunger response to it versus when you are actually hungry and have thoughts of food. The result of that little exploration has been interesting for me. I think that learning the difference is imperative for me.

Working a desk job gives me all the opportunity in the world to get bored and forage for food all day long. I’ve done well to just stick  with the food I have on hand and drink plain Lipton tea. I’ll just try to stick with that method to control it over the next couple weeks and see how I fair.

Oh, I guess this really is last. I’m pretty happy with my drop so far, it’ll be interesting for me to follow.

and that’s it

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  1. gene said,

    Good job, Mike.

    Thinking and awareness are quite important. We are creatures of habit, so having proper habits is a good, but hard, thing to modify. Those persons who have obsessive-compulsive tendencies might have an advantage, but life isn’t necessarily any easier in keeping things in proper perspective.

    How are the others in the weight loss contest progressing?
    How often do you weigh, and when is the contest over?
    Do you predict any unhappy, vindictive losers?

  2. Mike said,

    I’m not participating in the biggest loser contest my coworkers are doing. They came up with it while I was away and didn’t hear about it until I got back. I didn’t feel like throwing $100, that I hadn’t planned for, at it. So, I’m just losing weight for my own benefit.
    I think the people who are doing the contest are having only an official beginning weigh in and an official closing weigh in. I personal am trying to weigh myself on Mondays, as I have in the past, just for tracking purposes. I have also been weighing myself about once at some random time during the week just to monitor myself.
    For the biggest losers, to my knowledge none of them has lost any weight, a couple have gained. There are a couple I haven’t specifically asked about it though. In the end, I think there will be some very unhappy people and one person who is happy. I believe they close out their contest in 5 months.

  3. Chris Rice said,

    Dieting is not always about food any more than money problems are about money.

  4. Mike said,

    how appropriate, as I was laying here post workout,Laura and I were just speaking in this context.

  5. Chris Rice said,

    Great minds think alike – well at least mine and Laura’s hehe!

  6. Mike said,

    it’s a tad disturbing at times 🙂

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