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work got the better of me

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 17, 2009

I hadn’t intended to go 3 days without any training, it just came to me easily. This week we migrated emails systems at work, I was probably only there an extra hour or hour and a half per day but it was enough to stomp on any desire I had to do anything. Couple that with the weather and our oven acting up for a couple days and I just took the easy way out and didn’t do much. I did try to keep a handle on my eating though. I did grab a teriyaki wrap one day, that was tasty but way more than I needed to eat. Prior to the holidays I would grab this same wrap and then go looking for more. This week, I ate half of it and thought, I should stop. Alas, I still haven’t developed the discipline for that yet, however I did go very light on supper that night.
Today I decided I had to train, to do something, even if it wasn’t much.

24K kettlebell Clean and Jerk 10/10 X 5
Time: 9:11 (I did rest, 1:20 and a little over a minute)
Avg Hr 164
Max Hr 180

I can probably use this as a benchmark down the road.

I thought a bunch more about he Warrior Diet Dan referenced in his comment on the previous post. My visceral reaction to reading about it and reading a chunk of it was complete revulsion. The pseudo science it claims to be based on should require jail time of the author. There’s no basis at all for it. That said, what if I looked at the diet another way, what if instead of all the fluff, conjecture and the occasional flat lie, someone just said “Here’s the idea, you eat whole and raw foods, you eat as little as you can but without getting exhausted and dysfunctional each day, then at night, you have a huge meal, all you can eat, still whole or raw but whatever you like within those boundries”. Well, if someone said that, I would say it sounds like an interesting proposal. It’s not all that far off from what I’m doing now, a single bowl of oatmeal, about a cup or so of food several hours later then a normal dinner.

Although, I must confess, writing that out draws me to a whole new conclusion. Slimfast used to say “a shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch, then a sensible dinner”. How is that different than the warror diet or what I’m doing? Well, you could argue that they aren’t using whole foods. Although if you take a single meal from a restraunt or from a box, it could be argued that you are less “whole food-ish” than slim fast of the 80’s. It makes for an interesting thought train. I guess, in the end, everything old is new again…yest, we’re no closer to a large scale solution.