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Biggest Losers gaining weight

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 13, 2009

My office mates who are playing biggest loser, the couple I asked about it, either gained or stayed the same in the last week. Interesting.

I’ve been good, more or less on my diet. I’ve been eating oatmeal after I get to work and drinking a cup of tea with it. Late morning I have been having my fruit and then about 1 pm I’ve been eating leftover chili, about a cup I would estimate it at.  Tomorrow I’m taking one of my guys out, he finally cracked the code barrier and his new page should be ready to go this week. His favorite place is a sandwich place so I’ll just get a sandwich, a cuban.

Tonight’s training:
With a 16 Kettlebell
Turkish Getup
Overhead Squat X 5
Reverse Lunge with a press X 5
One Leg Straight Leg Deadlift x 5
Jerk X 5
Row X 5
Wood Chopper X 5
Turkish Get Down
do one side entirely then the other, 5 sets of both sides
Time 26:18
Avg HR 160
Max Hr 178

I wouldn’t change a thing about it, I was hoping to hit about 25 minutes. It was hard and pretty constant but the breaks seemed to be in just the right places. I’m pretty happy with this workout.

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  1. Dan Cenidoza said,

    Hi Mike,

    Happy New Year! I hope all is well.

    A quick look through your blog tells me you’re trying to cut some weight. I’m down to 220. Check out the Warrior Diet. It’s been working well for me.


  2. Mike said,

    All is well here, a quiet trip back to the midwest did us both well.
    I am working on losing a bunch of weight, being flattened last year by my injury gave me a chance to gain back all I had lost. I’ve decided to drop to 200lbs in a couple years and stay there.
    I’m glad to hear you have a diet that works, I recall that you were using that a year ago. I re-familiarized myself with the diet. Interesting book. I would assume the basis for the success with it is that you can only metabolize so many calories from a single sitting. I agree with a couple principles in there, that most Americans (including me) have an irrational fear of hunger and also that a sensible sign of when you eat too much is when it makes you sluggish and slow. That said, there are a lot of things about that book that concern me.
    For anyone not familiar with the book, the first 36 pages are available here:,M1

  3. Chris Rice said,

    Processed foods – stay away – period. White flour and sugar in any form are simply not that good for you – especially if you are trying to lose weight. I’m naturally thin but have read about every diet book I can get my hands on and the whole thing seems designed to sell books as much as deliver solid information. And I’m not sure anyone really knows what a healthy diet is – there are so many agendas by different marketing groups that it’s impossible to sort it out. I aim for mostly nutrient dense foods – no chemicals if possible – and closer to the natural state than to a refined state. My goal with diet is to provide energy that is as even as possible throughout the day – provides health (by my definition at least) through a more available source of Vitamins and Minerals than pill form – contains a relatively high fiber content and is in general – healthy – whatever that is :). I think most “diets” work because they make people think about what they are doing and they make some better choices, push back from the table a bit sooner, and usually try to move a little more. Ir seems that people lose weight on any diet plan – what is the commonality may be as important as what is different perhaps.

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