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A nice weekend

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 11, 2009

I ate a bit more than I should have on Friday. I had an Amy’s Lasagna mid morning on Friday then found myself out and about later and had a small pasta dish at noodles. It wasn’t a ton of calories but more than I needed, it was delicious. That evening we stocked up on groceries for next week.

Saturday was decent food wise, egg sandwich, a bagel with cream cheese for lunch and nachos, yes nachos for dinner. We sometimes make nachos during football session but this was a much smaller batch than usual, that was good in a lot of ways, calories, stomach happiness and more. We had hoped to get to the gym but me being on call ruined that, I spent all morning dealing with  on-call issues. Then I spent the afternoon with other commitments. Kinda blew the day for training.

Today it was a bagel for breakfast, but three, yes three, servings of salmon for lunch. I had thawed them off earlier in the week and figured I needed to cook them. I figured I’d chuck two int he fridge for later in the week and that’s what I should have done but I didn’t. Instead I eat all three, they were delicious but I really didn’t need three. Dinner was a small serving of chili. to make matters worse for calories today, I probably drank more calories than I ate today, too many sweet caffinated drinks cause I was having trouble waking up. I’ll have to work on that, the good news is that today is an exception since we’ve come back from vacation.

I finally got to a workout today too:
40K kb  Sumo Deadlift X 5
32K kb Clean X 5/5
24K kb row X 5/5
12lb Medicine Ball Situp with a twist X 5
Pushup X 5
I forgot the push up for the first 5 rounds so only half as many of those.
A total of 10 round, I took a 5 minute break between rounds 5 and 6, other than that it was straight through. I haven’t reviewed the footage but something like 30 minutes of training there. I really, really didn’t want to do that last set. I did though, it left me feeling queasy and with a headache as a result.

I weighed myself after, I don’t recall perfectly, I want to say 257.6

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