Anvil or Hammer

‘nother day

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 7, 2009

doing well today, after the “heavy” session. That was really surprisingly heavy. I think I may try to do 2 kettlebell sessions a week, a “heavy” and “light”. For the short term, light will mean 16K and heavy will mean 24K although I’d like to see those bump up. Additionally I may use some of the heavier, nearly untouched, bells in on the heavy days for some low rep stuff. 

The throat is feeling marginally better, I’ve been using some hard candies that a coworker left as lozenges. It’s extra sugar but that’s all most lozenges are. 

Today it was hard to wake up. It doesn’t sound like I was alone in this, I thought it was just post vacation malaise. Also my left calf seems want to tighten up. It started late yesterday. This happens occassionally, usually when changing uping training (in this case from 0). I don’t know the cure other than stretching it a bit more and being aware of it. If I don’t pay attention it can occasionally cramp.

I need to book a doctor’s appointment this month. I want to do the test, cholesterol, thyroid blood tests. Beyond that, I presume I’m relatively healthy. He’ll tell me I need to lose weight but I’m already working on that one.