Anvil or Hammer

We’ll call it “heavy”

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 6, 2009

24K kettlebell
20/20,15/15,10/10,5/5 = 50/50
I took whatever time I felt I needed to get my breath under control.
It’s been far too long since I moved that bell around, it felt awfully hard

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First day back

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 6, 2009

No real soreness today, to speak of, I think taking yesterday off was wise.

Foods been good, I was surprised I wasn’t terribly hungry immediately after breakfast. I was more hungry than usual around lunch though. I ate my pasta and both fruits. I had a protein bar a couple hours later. Tonight is grilled cheese and soup, num. I’ve been drinking tea today, not sure why I came in and saw a huge box of lipton tea bags open and I’ve really enjoyed it, not creamer or sugar either.

I’ve been fighting  a sore throat for a couple days. I can’t tell if its a bug or something different, dry throat from too much recycled air, food damage, something else. I don’t feel bad otherwise so for now I will proceed as normal and just monitor it.

My coworkers are playing at Biggest Loser, I told them I will beat them :). They all chipped in $100 and have a pot of $1400 for the winner, I wouldn’t mind thieving a total of 1500 but I don’t bet on anything that’s not a sure thing and you just never know what could happenin 6 months. I’m targeting 20lbs for that time period. 

Tonight I train at home, I feel like snatches.

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