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morning after pill

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 4, 2009

Today dawns and the soreness hasn’t set in.. yet.

It’s  a pretty lesiurely day of continuing to put away things from out trip, doing laundry and just generally getting back up to speed. I have tomorrow off as well. I’ve got a bunch of chores to get done then as well.

Food today is pretty carb centric, we had some sweet rolls fro breakfast, primarily cause we had a breakfast a few days ago that was supposed to be sweet rolls and turned out not to be, they’ve been on our brains since. Naan bread and a light salad for lunch, dinner will be pasta with some sausage worked in, that’ll be leftovers for Monday and Tuesday at work as well. I’ll probably go in for  a snack this afternoon, maybe a protein bar, they hold me over well but we’ll see.

Tomorrow, with the day off, I’ll have the desire to go out to eat. I dunno what I will have tomorrow, right now and egg salad sounds tasty.

I should get a jog in later.

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