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I’ll explain more later

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on January 3, 2009

but first, a workout, I’m about to do it.

Burpee x N
1/2 snatch x N+5
Crunch with a twist N
N is  a ladder of 1-5

Did it, ladderr up took roughly 9 minutes, 5 minutes rest then the ladder down took 11 minutes. that was hard.

So the workout went 1 – 5, rest, 5 – 1. I should have mentioned that I was using a 16K kettlebell for the situp and the 1/2 snatches
the first set was
Burpee 1
1/2 snatch 6/6
Situp with a twist 1
the last rep before the break went
Burpee 5
1/2 snatch 10/10
Situp with a twist 5

you get the idea
I didn’t have a timer or a heart rate monitor but the vcr clock told me it was about 9 minutes for the first set, 5 for rest and 11ish minutes for the later set. It was physically difficult for me but I got every rep of every set. The added two minutes was that dawdling that happens between sets when your I’m winded. After that, I ate a grilled cheese sandwich.

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