Anvil or Hammer

Stacked Deck

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on October 5, 2008

20 Minutes – 16K
Snatch – 48
Hindu Squat – 19
Clean and Jerk – 57
Mountain Climber – 20
Burpee – 14
By my tally anyway, other details below.

Cards: QS, AH, 9C, 10C, KC, 10H, 8S, 3D, KS, 5H, QC, J-10D, 3S, 6H, J-4S, 3C, AC, 7H, 5C, 10S, 2D, 9S, 5D, 10D,7S

  • Clubs- 16K snatch
  • Hearts – Hindu Squat
  • Spades – Clean and Jerk
  • Diamonds – Mountain Climber
  • Joker – Burpee (of the number of the next card)
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Snatch practice

Posted in Uncategorized by Mike on October 3, 2008

5:00 Snatch Test – 16K
The purpose of this was to focus on the one change of hands. I tried to take it a bit slower than I usually would. I tried to take a single breath after each rep, holding the bell over my. This kept me just a hair behind my intended pace so I had to kinda push at the end of the 2:30 period for each hand. I was shooting for 100 so I hit that perfectly. The grip was probably a bit harder than the breath for me. I didn’t feel totally gassed or anything but my grip wasn’t totally blown either. 

Sumo Deadlift – 32K
5 X 10

Lunge  2 X 12K
5 X 5/5

Pushup X 20

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